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How User Generated Content is Democratizing sport

Formula One is not the easiest sport to get into. But the growing fanbase clearly indicates something new is at play that is changing this. User-generated content (UGC)! As many fans will tell you, me being one of them, Netflix introduced or re-introduced them to the sport, but it has been UGC that has made Formula One fun, approachable and engaging. Turning millions of social media users into fans.

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Formula One is not living up to our standards, but don't give up on it yet!

Is there is a sport that radiates less sustainability than Formula One? I don’t think so, but with sustainability gaining enormous popularity Formula One has shown they are aware of its impact and the necessity to fix it. With interesting moves already made to decrease CO2 emissions the environment is clearly F1’s comfort zone but the growing younger fanbase is demanding more and rightly so.

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Don't entice female fans with their favorite athlete, just be authentic and respectful​

People want meaningful connections not just with other people but also with brands. Most athletes have figured this out and have been able to create authentic relationships with millions of fans. As brands struggle to connect athletes have become valuable commodities, especially when trying to reach young and female consumers. Some may say those millions of fans are fangirls but these female fans hold great power and they don’t mind calling companies out on their bullshit.

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You may not like Formula One, but we all enjoy the benefits of the "fastest R&D lab on earth"​

Learnings from motorsport have always trickled down to our common road cars. But with the end of the tobacco sponsorship, in the early 2000s, Formula One teams needed to reinvent themselves. Taking advantage of their amazing R&D capabilities teams created new revenue streams and positioned themselves as drivers of innovation in sport and beyond it.

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